Consensus Bus

A project for Ok.Quoi?! Festival in Sackville, NB.

For three days, I arranged for a bus to meet in the centre of town. The bus would take anyone anywhere they wanted to go provided everyone on-board, including the bus driver, agreed on the destination by consensus.

Day 1 Destinations:

  1. Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Joggins, NS
  2. Margie's Bayview Diner (for ice cream), Joggins, NS

Day 2 Destinations:

  1. Andy's Dummies, Coburg, NB
  2. Guy's Frenchy's, Amherst, NS
  3. Bargain Dicks, Amherst, NS
  4. NB Liquor, Sackville, NB

Day 3 Destinations:

  1. Johnson’s Mills Interpretive Center
  2. Bell Inn Restaurant (bought biscuits at the inn and fireworks across the street)
  3. Fireworks on old bridge
  4. NB Liquor / Sackville Food Market