Pleasing Atmosphere

An unrealized project for Ok.Quoi?! Festival in Sackville, NB.

In the spirit of uplifting and engaging public art, I proposed to release Nitrous oxide into the atmosphere of Sackville over the course of the festival.

Canisters of the gas were to be mounted on utility poles and street lamps about 7 or 8 feet off the ground. They would be set to release the gas slowly so that the canisters would empty continuously for five days.

In addition to its "pleasant, slightly sweet odor and taste" (Wikipedia), Nitrous oxide, also called "Laughing Gas", is known for its ability to induce short-term feelings of euphoria.

We could have never released enough gas into the atmosphere to have actually had any real effect.

The project was ultimately rejected by the town council for (probably legitimate) fears over public safety but not before being printed in the Ok.Quoi?! program.

So it kind of exists, it could be there or not, like gas in the wind.